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May 24, 2007

Bethany Buchanan, CNEP class 44–went on a medical mission trip with Pro-Health International to two rural villages in Nigeria Africa during October and November of 2006. She managed the post-operative care of patients receiving surgeries. She also treated patients with malarial fever, typhoid, and flukeworm infestation. One patient came in with a snake bite to the foot–she tied a tourniquet around the man’s calf to prevent the venom from spreading—started IV fluids, and, after consulting the local doc, gave a dose of hydrocortisone to prevent immune reaction. The patient was fine and discharged later in the evening.

Anybody can look up the group I go to
Nigeria with at
They can also contact me personally for more information. The trips have impacted my life: after caring for babies and children with malarial fever I realized I really needed to get further medical training so I would better know what to do in mission settings. So I enrolled with Frontier to become an FNP.Bethany Buchanan RNCFNP Track Class 44
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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I had my baby girl Madison Mckenna Faith on August 23rd 2006 7lbs 5 oz. She was born with severe kidney reflux and a ureterocele and had to have surgery. She is now doing well, but will have to have reconstruction surgery by her second birthday.
Shannon Mongold, CNEP Class 45)

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