Laura Manns James, MSN, CNM and Angela Mitchell, DNP, NP Receive Governor’s Awards for their Contributions to Improving the Health of the Community

On March 5, 2007 Governor Ernie Fletcher visited Hyden to spread the Get Healthy Kentucky (GHK) message. The Governor discussed components of GHK, a statewide wellness initiative, with Leslie County residents at Mary Breckinridge Hospital. During his presentation, Governor Fletcher linked the importance of physical activity, nutrition and tobacco cessation.

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“The fundamental message of Get Healthy Kentucky is to encourage Kentuckians to make good choices about their health and experience the benefits of regular physical activity, a nutritious diet and not smoking. Adopting the Get Healthy Kentucky philosophy will make a difference in the life of Kentuckians who use the program,” said Governor Fletcher.

The Governor’s Wellness Council administers the wellness program, which includes a Web site, where Kentuckians can join GHK. By incorporating physical activity, nutrition and tobacco cessation components, the GHK Web site offers access to information and resources about healthy living and preventing chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

During the program, the Governor honored two Frontier School faculty practice members for their contributions to improving the health of the community.

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Dr. Angie Mitchell, DNP, CNM joined the Frontier Nursing Service as a Family Nurse-Practitioner at the Kate Ireland Healthcare Center in 2002. Very quickly, Angie became one of the most sought-after primary care providers in the area. Early in her work with the families of Southeastern Kentucky, Angie recognized that many of the conditions she saw on a regular basis…hypertension, obesity, and high rates of smoking to name just a few…very often began with habits learned as children. Armed with this knowledge, Angie set out to attack the problem at its base. Working directly with the Clay County Board of Education, and Anna Carey, Executive Director of the COLLY organization (County of Leslie Lifting Youth), Angie has helped to establish a number of school-based clinics in both Leslie and Clay Counties. These clinics are staffed regularly with licensed practical nurses, and on a rotating basis with family nurse-practitioners such as fellow FNS nurse Sarah Noggle at the Stinnett Elementary School in Leslie County. Indeed, some of the children whose lives have been touched by these clinics were in the audience during the presentation. Angie’s commitment to preventive healthcare is truly in keeping with the work Mary Breckinridge set out to do 82 years ago.

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Laura Manns-James, MSN, CNM first came to Frontier Nursing Service as a student at the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing graduating as a nurse-midwife in 2001. She went on to earn her Master of Science in Nursing degree at Case Western Reserve University in 2002. We were very lucky when Laura decided to return to Frontier three years ago to join the FSMFN faculty practice. For the past three years, Laura has been caring for mothers and babies in both Clay and Leslie counties. She was instrumental in establishing maternity outpatient services at the FNS Kate Ireland Clinic in Clay County. She has worked tirelessly towards the goal of reestablishing the Maternity Service at Mary Breckinridge Hospital. Laura is absolutely committed to providing the best care possible to the mothers and babies of this region. She has worked very hard to start a Centering Pregnancy Program in an effort to improve the prenatal care experience of the families in her care. Her commitment to high quality, safe care has been evident as she led the team that revised and renewed the policies and procedures for the Maternity Department. She always thinks very deeply about what it is that the families want out of the experience of childbirth and how can we safely provide that. She is very in tune with the needs and desires of the women being served. Laura is an excellent teacher. She has taught classes to the maternity nurses as well as teaching women’s health classes to current students at the Frontier School. Laura currently serves as the Director of Nurse-Midwifery.

Congratulations to both Angie and Laura for your very much deserved awards!


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